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GiPSi Substitute Instruments Demo
Google Earth Playback from GiPSi auto logpoints
GiPSi Nearest guidance Demo

1. GiPSi can be used as "plan B" if your normal instruments fail. With the GiPSi, one push of the joystick will quickly announce the BEARING to the nearest runway, distance, altitude, runway length, and ICAO identifier and then repeat the BEARING, while you are doing what you should do, trimming and flying your airplane.

2. GiPSi is a convenient flight logger. It will log all take off and landings, including LAT/LON, altitude, and airspeed. This information can be uploaded to your PC and exported into other programs.

3. iPSi can be a Backup Panel. It will advise you when there are changes in altitude, heading, ground speed greater than user specified tolerances.

How does GiPSi do this?
The GiPSi is a fully integrated GPS with 10+ hours of battery life. It has the NACO airport database stored internally and is easily updated with a USB interface. It includes wall mounted and cigarette lighter chargers. It can also be charged off the USB port on your PC. Database updates are free and may be done from your PC with any internet connection.

Quick Start Page 1 PDF
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The GiPSi is portable, voice based, Global Positioning System (GPS) device for General Aviation pilots.

Every General Aviation pilot should be interested in the GiPSi because it allows them to maintain a much higher state of situational awareness. There is no "heads down" navigating. The interaction is very intuitive, it speaks to the pilot. The device does not require extensive training.The pilot can focus on "Flying the Airplane".

The GiPSi enables a pilot to create a flight plan with waypoints, on their computer and download it to the device. The GiPSi automatically logs flight movement activity such as time stamped altitudes, airspeeds, track and bearing deviations as well as way points. The GiPSi, at any time, can notify a pilot of exact location i.e. a "Where" function; the "Nearest" airport with name, bearing runway length, altitude and distance from current location.

The GiPSi stores in its database information on all United States airports. A GPS receiver is embedded in the GiPSi circuitry. The unit operates off of, up to, twelve (12) satellites. For even higher accuracy the GiPSi uses the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). Information is sent from the GiPSi via a clear human voice using advanced Micro Controller technology. The combination of unique hardware and software technology allows pilots to know where they are, where they have been and where they need to go next, without having to consult complex instruments in the airplane's panel.

The device fits easily into pilot's flight bag. It weights just 3 ounces and measures 3-1/2" long by 2" high by 1" in depth. The device is controlled by a five (5) position joystick switch. It has a USB port that allows a computer connection for downloading and uploading information. The unit can also be charged via the USB connection. It ships with a wall charger as well as a cigarette lighter connector which can be used to charge the unit using either a 110V AC or 12V DC connection. There is a 3.5mm (MP3 type) plug for ear bud earphone. LEDs that indicate satellite strength are embedded in the case.


  • Dimensions L,W,D: 3.5x2x1 Inches
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Connectors: USB, Stereo (3.5mm)
  • Battery: Lithium ION
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Antenna: Integrated in case
  • LEDs: Two Red/Green
  • Power Actuation: Slide Switch
  • What is in the Box: Manual, carrying case, audio cable, usb cable, velcro straps, velcro tape, wall charger

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