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BrightLine Bags announces the release of the new-improved version of their award-winning bag. They've listened to the consumer and made the bag a bit larger (to hold the larger European A4-sized paper). It has new smoother, tougher zippers and zipper pulls. It has an improved shoulder strap. And it has better overall fit and finish. 

BrightLine Bags is named the FLIGHT BAG OF THE YEAR by Aviation Consumer Magazine in their "Gear-of-the-Year" Guide.


  • Heavy-Duty Nylon construction.
  • 25 specialized pockets.
  • Zips apart into two separate bags so you can choose how much stuff you need to carry today. The result is a main VFR headset compartment and a second document compartment for the XC and IFR documents.
  • Compact size (13" x 10" x 9" - outside dimensions).
  • Anything that is 9.5" x 12.5" or smaller will absolutely fit inside either the front or rear compartment.
  • The front compartment (headset) is 3.5" deep. The rear compartment (documents) is 3.0" deep.
  • Holds two headsets with ease. It will hold two of any kind of headset. Two Lightspeed Zulus. Two Bose X. Two David Clark. Even two Lightspeed 30-3Gs. (Don't use the divider shelf and interlock the two headsets by putting one earcup of one headset between the two earcups of the other headset and have the headbands facing in opposite directions.)
  • Color coded zipper pulls to make it easy to find the right pocket the first time, every time.
  • The Bag is tall enough to hold the navigation charts perfectly. No more protruding or folded charts.
  • A padded shoulder strap is included to allow you to carry the bag hands-free.
  • SwitchSnap™ Handle to allow you to swap the shoulder strap and the main handle in the two pairs of clips to allow for the altered CG when bag is zipped apart.
  • External chart pocket for easy access to today's charts.
  • Isolated storage for fuel tester. Keep everything else unsoiled.
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