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EVVA C52 Airmax

is a4-stroke multigrade oil developed specially for series 912, 912S, 912iS and 914 Rotax aircraft engines with maximum lubricating reliability, superior wear protection and extremely good cold start properties. Due to the special composition of additives extraorinary good perfomance in the high temperature range, greatly improved backflow of oil and optimal cold start properties are achieved, even in cool climatic conditions.

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EVVA C52 AIRMAX OIL 10W-40EV-17013310-37-1EVVA C52 AIRMAX OIL 10W-4014.20 EURDelivery in 1 day
EVVA C52 AIRMAX OIL 10W-40 CASEEV-17013310-37-12EVVA C52 AIRMAX OIL 10W-40 CASE170.42 EUR2-7 days
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