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EVVA C52 Airmax Oil 10W-40


Part number: EV-17013310-37-1
EVVA C52 Airmax Oil 10W-40 from EVVA Schmiermittel-Fabrik
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EVVA C52 Airmax is a4-stroke multigrade oil developed specially for series 912, 912S, 912iS and 914 Rotax aircraft engines with maximum lubricating reliability, superior wear protection and extremely good cold start properties. Due to the special composition of additives extraorinary good perfomance in the high temperature range, greatly improved backflow of oil and optimal cold start properties are achieved, even in cool climatic conditions.
In addition, compared with other oils the product excels through far superior corrosion protection and significatnly reduced friction loss and consequently minimized wear. In practice these innovations lead to savings in fuel and altogether ensure, that with its outstanding properties EVVA C52 Airmax guarantees the most efficient supply of the aircraft engine.
With its long-adhering lubrication film EVVA C52 Airmax offers the best possible protection against corrosion and wear during, and above all after operation. It is also especially suitable for aggregates that are only operated seasonally and have prolonged idle periods, as well as for engines that are exposed to particularly aggressive environments such as salt water or high dust concetrations.


EVVA C52 Airmax is especially suitable for use in small aircraft and recommended for all engines of the Rotax series 912, 912S. 912iSand 914.
When using EVVA C52 Airmax the corresponding engine manufacturer regulations are to be observed in all cases.
  • Extreme lubrication reliability
  • Minimizes friction
  • Special wear protection
  • High detergent and dispersant effect
  • Good shear stability
  • Improved resistance to ageing
  • Good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Long-Adhering lubrication film
  • Multigrade oil for all climate zones
  • Particular cold-start and cold-running properties
  • High thermal stability
  • Also especially suitable for stationary engines and continuous units
  • API: SJ/CF, SL
  • Rotax: Serie 912, 912S, 914 and new 912iS
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Weight1.134 kg
ManufacturerEVVA Schmiermittel-Fabrik
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