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Balsa Wood


Balsa Wood

Furnished as 2" thick boards, 3 ft. long from 3"-6" wide. Material may be glued together by the builder to make the required size pieces.

Actual sizes of boards may vary.

Balsa is the lightest commercial wood in the world, weighing less than 10 lbs./cu.ft. Pound for pound, it is one of the strongest - both its stiffness and bending strength exceed White Spruce, Western Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, White Oak and many other commercially used woods. It is easily cut, turned, carved, shaped, glued, sanded and finished, all with ordinary wood working tools and techniques. It can be shaped with abrasive wheels either wet or dry. It can be cut into extremely thin veneers. Almost any kind of coating will adhere to it. Meets specifications MIL-B-2747 and MIL-S-7998.

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