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APS brake discs are state-of-the-art CNC machined from a one-piece forging.

When the metal is forged it creates a directional grain flow that follows the contour of the disc. This allows for a much stronger disc that has a reduced risk of the cracking and catastrophic failures associated with the inferior welded design.

The APS "Black Steel" advantage is a proprietary heat treatment with a two-fold purpose. The heat treatment strengthens the steel by bonding the carbon, oxygen and nitrogen in the top layer of the metal. This is not a coating that can wear off. The steel itself is transformed. The heat treatment gives the steel its aesthetically pleasing black appearance and provides a surface with a high resistance to the corrosion and oxidation associated with the extreme thermal cycling experienced in aircraft braking systems. This makes it an excellent choice for agricultural aircraft that work in a harsh, chemical environment, as well as anyone who leaves their plane outside for most of its life.

APS Brake Discs Documents:

APS Brake Discs Features:

The performance of Kevlar™
  • APS semi-metallic linings are impregnated with Kevlar® fibers for optimum performance.
  • APS metallic linings are constructed from an innovative design and from more durable materials than other brands so you get longer wear and superior stopping power for greater safety.
APS Quality Standard
  • In order to receive FAA PMA certification, APS brake discs and linings must go through a rigorous testing process. All APS brakes must meet or exceed OEM standards. In every case of testing APS brakes exceeded the required standards for performance and reliability. APS discs and linings are dyno tested as part of the PMA approval process.

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07-20105APS164-00206 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC282.91 EURplease call
07-20106APS164-00300 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.40 EURplease call
07-20107APS164-00400 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC194.02 EURplease call
07-20108APS164-00500 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC208.52 EURplease call
07-20109APS164-00700 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC192.05 EURplease call
07-20110APS164-00806 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC389.06 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20111APS164-00900 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.99 EURplease call
07-20112APS164-01000 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC211.25 EURplease call
07-20113APS164-01300 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.99 EURplease call
07-20114APS164-01406 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC389.06 EURplease call
07-20115APS164-01501 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC191.70 EURplease call
07-20116APS164-01506 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC192.17 EURplease call
07-20117APS164-01600 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC189.69 EURplease call
07-20118APS164-01700 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC194.02 EURplease call
07-20119APS164-01900 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC191.84 EURplease call
07-20120APS164-02000 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC167.84 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20121APS164-02201 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC211.03 EURplease call
07-20122APS164-02300 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC192.05 EURplease call
07-20123APS164-02504 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC213.87 EURplease call
07-20124APS164-02505 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC194.67 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20125APS164-02601 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC167.84 EURplease call
07-20126APS164-02706 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC318.71 EURplease call
07-20127APS164-02707 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC352.53 EURplease call
07-20128APS164-02800 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.64 EURplease call
07-20129APS164-03006 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC385.65 EURplease call
07-20130APS164-03106 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC347.49 EURplease call
07-20131APS164-03206 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC272.56 EURplease call
07-20132APS164-03300 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.64 EURplease call
07-20133APS164-03506 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC386.82 EURplease call
07-20134APS164-03601 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC192.05 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20135APS164-03906 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC432.11 EURplease call
07-20136APS164-04000 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC168.04 EURplease call
07-20137APS164-04406 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC392.92 EURplease call
07-20138APS164-04700 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC340.33 EURplease call
07-20139APS164-05006 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC349.50 EURplease call
07-20140APS164-05500 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC389.43 EURplease call
07-20141APS164-05606 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC645.14 EURplease call
07-20142APS164-05700 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC290.56 EURplease call
07-20143APS164-05806 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC345.06 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20144APS164-06106 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC347.98 EURplease call
07-20145APS164-06306 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC412.16 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20146APS164-06406 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC411.81 EURplease call
07-20147APS164-06700 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.64 EURplease call
07-20148APS164-06700AB BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.64 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20149APS164-06900 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.64 EURplease call
07-20150APS164-07200 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC502.56 EURplease call
07-20151APS164-07400 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC502.56 EURplease call
07-20152APS164-07500 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC190.28 EURplease call
07-20153APS164-07700 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC396.11 EURplease call
07-20154APS164-07800 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC235.04 EURplease call
07-20155APS164-07906 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC403.61 EURplease call
07-20156APS164-08300 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC192.05 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20157APS164-08406 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC346.21 EURplease call
07-20158APS164-08500 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC195.44 EURplease call
07-20159APS164-09100 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC389.78 EURplease call
07-20160APS164-20306 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC403.61 EURplease call
07-20161APS164-20500 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC207.51 EURplease call
07-20162APS164-20600 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC501.96 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20163APS164-20700 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC501.25 EURplease call
07-20164APS164-20900 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC498.09 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20165APS164-21000 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC393.99 EURplease call
07-20166APS164-21200 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC192.05 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20167APS164-21600 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC230.80 EURplease call
07-20168APS164-21900 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC399.76 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20169APS164-22000 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC500.19 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20170APS164-22201 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC332.30 EURplease call
07-20171APS164-22202 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC499.95 EURplease call
07-20172APS164-22400 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC750.11 EURplease call
07-20173APS164-22900 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC500.90 EURplease call
07-20174APS164-23001 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC754.85 EURplease call
07-20175APS164-24200 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC192.82 EURplease call
07-20176APS164-24400 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC210.54 EURplease call
07-20177APS164-24500 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC246.64 EURplease call
07-20178APS164-30007 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC288.91 EURDelivery today
07-20179APS164-30195 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC191.84 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20180APS164-30388 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC193.25 EURplease call
07-20181APS164-30398 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC193.25 EURplease call
07-20182APS164-30414 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC193.25 EURplease call
07-20183APS164-30440 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC191.84 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20184APS164-30615-2 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC202.50 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20185APS164-30615-3 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC202.50 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20186APS164-30615-4 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC177.08 EURDelivery in 9 days
07-20692APS164-01100 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC189.37 EURplease call
07-20693APS164-08200 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC250.90 EURplease call
07-20694APS164-20206 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC386.71 EURplease call
07-20695APS164-20806 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC347.16 EURplease call
07-20696APS164-22201-1 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC957.00 EURplease call
07-20697APS164-23002 BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC1081.01 EURplease call
07-20698APS164-A1634B BLACKSTEEL BRAKE DISC285.88 EURplease call
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