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King KMD 150/250


King KMD 150/250

Lone Star Aviation's 2900 Station has been designed for the KMD 150, KMD 250 equipment so that the user can practice their GPS, Display and all of it's functions in a non flying environment. The 1 port cooling fan (LS03-02013) plugs into the rear accessory panel and provides 6-8 CFM of cooling to the KMD 150/250 receiver. The KMD connectors plug into the rear panel of the Commander Station for an easy set-up so you can get right into the training mode.


  • Simulate the KMD-250’s multi-function capabilities in a “non-flying” environment.
  • Review and DEMO (TIS) Traffic Information Services, (TAS) Traffic Advisory Services as well as Sky Watch or TCAS I/TCAS II operations on your desk at home.
  • Learn the procedures for retrieving the latest weather data technonlogies like NEXRAD, METARS, TAF’s, PIREP’s, AIRMET’s, and SIGMET’s.
  • Practice functions for controlling the viewing for terrain topography and further enhancements like towers, roads, airports, railroads, etc.
  • Learn the functions of the KMD-250 in the “DEMO Mode” will help significantly in managing the Main Map, Flight Plan, Weather Screens, or Traffic Views.

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COMMANDER 2900 KMD 150 & 25011-04922COMMANDER 2900 KMD 150 & 250319.52 EURplease call
LONESTAR KMD-250 CONN W/FIS11-04924LONESTAR KMD-250 CONN W/FIS140.70 EURplease call
11-04932LONESTAR EX-500-800 HARNESS117.19 EURplease call
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