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The iFly 700™ by Adventure Pilot™ 
The iFly 700™ is the best GPS value in the aviation industry offering the perfect combination of affordability, capability, and usability. This Large 7” Touch Screen GPS offers unprecedented spacial awareness and a simple to use intuitive interface. A sleek buttonless design promotes longevity and allows for the ultimate in future expandability. An annual data subscription of $69 (VFR) or $89 (IFR) allows you to keep all your databases and sectionals current, as well as get cool new features as they are added with a simple to use update process. Please note that this unit only offers USA chart information at this time.

Unprecedented Spacial Awareness:
The iFly 700™ is pre-loaded with Sectionals, IFR Low Enroute charts, Public and Private Airport information and diagrams, Approach and Departure Plates, and more. In fact, everything from planning to flying is designed around image enhanced maps from the FAA. Get emergency airports quick with the “Nearest Airports” button straight from the map screen. Sweep your finger across the screen to explore the charts, quick-tap to switch to another sectional or terminal area chart. Tap an airport or airspace to get detailed information, etc, etc. Airspace pop ups alert you of controlled and SUA details; even customize them how you want to be notified. It's easy, intuitive, and fast. Choose from several display modes such as Sectional, Terminal Area Chart, Vector, Metar and Night Mode for your own comfort level. Designed the way pilots think. View and track your current position on an actual FAA published sectional map. No more bulky maps to deal with.

Quickly set your flight plan with the one touch “Direct-To” flight planning feature. Search the extensive database, including public and private airports, navaids and fixes by airport code, name or city name. Create, save, load or reverse a multi-leg flight plan with ease. Use the “Rubber-Band” route line modification to simply touch and drag a route line to avoid an object such as bending it around an airspace or TFR. The iFly 700™ Airport Information database includes communication frequencies, taxi diagrams, runway(s) type, condition, lighting, traffic patterns and much more. You can even adjust the text size to your own liking. Quickly reference approach and departure plates and airport diagram direct from the Airport Information page.

Simple to Use and Update:
Just plug the iFly 700™ in and it will go straight to the map screen, ready to begin your flight. Easily plan and explore sectionals, plates and more with touch and drag panning and one tough zooming. The extra large buttons throughout fade away when not in use, maximizing map real estates and visibility. Tap the history button to quickly reference recently viewed maps and data. You will enjoy unlimited easy updates from any internet connected computer for a low cost annual subscription. Fly with confidence knowing you have the latest FAA airport database, TFRs, Metars, Sectionals and Charts. Quickly update TFR and Metar data just prior to flight time for maximum safety. For ultimate expandability, download the latest software updates and receive new features as part of the annual subscription process. For example, the iFly 700 recently received Autopilot, Vertical Speed to Target, Night Mode, Automatic Airspace Messages and much more. Get all the new features without having to buy a new unit.

  • iFly 700 GPS
  • Suction Mount
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 12-28V DC (Cigarette Lighter) Power Adapter
  • 4 GB SDHC Card
  • Remote
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 months Enhanced (IFR) Subscription


  • 7" Color Samsung Touch Screen with 800 x 480 resolution.
  • 20-Channel SiRF III GPS Receiver.
  • FAA Sectionals, Terminal Area Charts, IFR Low Enroutes, App/Dep Plates and more; please note that this unit only offers USA chart information at this time.
  • Public and Private Airport Database.
  • Multiple Display Modes: Sectional, Night, Track-Up and more.
  • Touch and Drag panning and scrolling.
  • Customizable Instrument overlays.
  • Airport Taxi Diagrams.
  • Simple Update process using a USB flash drive. Take your update with you!
  • MP3 Player, Movie Player, Photo Viewer and more.
  • Optional External Antenna.
  • Optional Power Supply. (Provides 4+ hours at full brightness)

= Available in 2 days
= Available in 3-10 days
= Available in 11 days
= Unknown (3 weeks or more)
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