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Designed for retrofit installation in light sport (LSA) and experimental/kitbuilt aircraft, the GDU 375 is a panel-mount multi function display unit that provides a non-TSO’d “glass cockpit” option at a very affordable price.

Think multifunction display with internal GPS
Featuring a big 7-inch high-definition WVGA flatscreen with dual redundant power inputs, the GDU 375 mounts flush in the panel – providing pilots with realistic moving-map graphics for navigation and situational awareness.

You’ll see fast graphical rendering of map detail with database-driven terrain and obstacle alerting. Operation is simple: There’s a handy rotary joystick cursor control for data entry, soft keys for mode selection, front-loading SD card slot for expansion memory and updates, plus an easy-to-navigate G1000®-like graphical user interface.

Watch where you’re going
In addition to its high-resolution terrain map database, similar in appearance to a VFR sectional chart, the GDU 375 comes with Garmin FliteCharts®¹ and SafeTaxi® pre-installed. The FliteCharts offer NACO-format IFR approach plates and terminal procedures for airports throughout the U.S. SafeTaxi gives you detailed taxiway diagrams and position information for over 850 U.S. airports. And there’s also AOPA Airport Directory data that offers detailed information on over 7,400 U.S. airports, along with airports of entry for Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.Weather or not?

The primary difference between the GDU 375 and its similar-looking sibling, the GDU 370, is that you get support for XM WX™ satellite weather with the GDU 375. From XM’s two powerful geostationary satellites positioned over the east and west coasts, graphical NEXRAD and other aviation weather data can now be accessed directly on your MFD – and overlaid on the chart to show your position in proximity to the weather. (XM subscription required). You also have the option to add over 170 channels of high-quality XM Satellite Radio programming – music, sports, news, talk and more – for an additional monthly fee.

There’s more to come
In the future, the GDU 375 will accommodate not only MFD capability, but flight and engine instruments as well. With the purchase of additional hardware, your MFD will also become a Primary Flight Display (PFD) providing attitude/directional guidance with ADAHRS+Engine monitoring.

GDU 375: It’s the starter kit for your G3X glass cockpit.

¹A single update of FliteCharts comes preloaded on the unit. FliteCharts will automatically disable when the data is over six (6) months out-of-date (six month period to commence when map is loaded in the factory). Each box will contain a certificate for one free current FliteCharts download. After the six month period, you must purchase a subscription for continuous FliteCharts chart availability.

The Garmin GDU 375 does not come with an antenna. Use the GA 56 for an external mounted GPS antenna (PN 11-18756). For an internal GPS antenna use the GA 26C (PN 11-00051).

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