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Prop Club®


Prop Club®

The Prop Club® inhibits flight by creating an out-of-balance condition. Made of tempered steel, The Prop Club® is an anti-theft device that locks securely onto the propeller at the hub via a four-digit combination. The small Prop Club® has a compressed opening range of 4-1/4" to 5-1/2"(wt: 2.4 lbs) and the large Prop Club® has a compressed opening range of 6" to 8"(wt: 2.8 lbs). As long as the Prop Club® can attach to the base of the prop within this range, and the closed dimensions are smaller than the widest part of the prop, The Prop Club® will remain securely attached to the propeller hub. It will not work on props that maintain the same width from base to tip.

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