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Airwolf Mounting Kits


Airwolf Mounting Kits

The remote mount oil filter kit by Airwolf Filter Corp. replaces the Lycoming oil screen and housing allowing every aircraft to have an oil filter and to locate it on the firewall where its easy to get to. The adapter takes up no more space on the engine than the original part, so even the tightest installations can benefit from it. 

Your Vernatherm and oil temp bulb are reused and transferred directly to our adapter, everything else is included. Universal STC'd kit fits any Lycoming powered Single/Multi engine airplane less than 450hp. All other STC'd for specific aircraft. Hoses not included unless where indicated.

Reference Charts

Perfect for Tight Installations in:
* Avion
* Aeronca
* Bellanca
* Beech
* Cessna
* Cozy MK-IV
* Glasair
* Grumman
* Lancair
* Long EZ
* Maule
* Mooney
* Piper
* Pitts
* RV
* Skybolt
* T-18
* Vari-EZ
* Velocity

Fits Lycoming Series Engines: 
0-235, 290, 320, 340, 360, & 540
* Easy To Install
* Extends Engine Cooling
* FAA/PMA Approved
* Full Flow
* Total Weight under 4 Lbs
* Change oil in minutes not hours.

Application Part No.
Lycoming Filter Relocation Kit
Requires existing Lycoming 77852 Spin-on adapter. Fits any aircraft where the filter is on the back of the engine in an awkward place. Relocates to the firewall and allows the use of the tall spin-on oil filter. Application does no include helicopters.
STCd Pratt & Whitney R985 Kit
Gorilla Pump for radial engines. This fits radial engines 985 and larger.
P & W R985 Kit, Stearman Gorilla Pump for radial engines. 08-00995
P & W R1340 Kit, T-6/Harvard Gorilla Pump for radial engines with slip on fittings. 08-07385
P & W R1340 Kit, T-6/Harvard Gorilla Pump for radial engines with Aeroquip flare type fittings. 08-07386
AFC-K015-D P & W R1830 Kit, DC-3/C-47; Gorilla Pump for radial engines. 08-00997
AFC-K015-E R985 Kit, Beach-18, Staggerwing, DGA-15; Gorilla Pump for radial engines. 08-00998
P & W R1340 Kit, Otter Gorilla Pump for radial engines 08-00999
AFC-K015-G P & W R985/1340 Kit, AG-Cat; Gorilla Pump for radial engines. 08-01001
AFC-K015-H P & W R1340 Kit, AT301/401/501; Gorilla Pump for radial engines. 08-01002
R1340 Kit, Thrush/S2D (Snow) Gorilla Pump for radial engines 08-01003
AFC-K015-L P & W R985 Kit, Grumman Goose; Gorilla Pump for radial engines 08-01004
AFC-K015-L P & W R985 Kit; Weatherly ; Gorilla Pump for radial engines. 08-07297
Curtis Wright R755 Kit [Small Radials] Gorilla Pump for radial engines.
Curtis Wright R1820 Kit [T-28]; Gorilla Pump for radial engines.
Curtis Wright R1820 Kit [Sikorsky S-58] Gorilla Pump for radial engines.
Curtis Wright R1820 Kit [DC-3] Gorilla Pump for radial engines.
Curtis Wright R1820 Kit [Grumman Tracker] Gorilla Pump for radial engines.
Lycoming Homebuilt Kit
This is without the hoses and hose clamps. AN fittings included only.
STCD Husky Kit AFC-K005
This comes with hoses.
STCD Super Cub Kit AFC-K006
LYC 0235 & 290s require a Restrictor Plate. This kit comes with hoses.
STCD Universal Lycoming Kit
Fits all Lycoming engines using the 4 bolt oil screen housing on rear of accessory case. Comes with filter 48109.
STCD Lycoming Kit
Fits all with Single Drive, Dual Magneto Engines.
STCD Lycoming Kit
Fits All IO-720 Engines.
STCD Universal Continental Kit
Fits A50, A65, A65, A80, C75, C85, C90, C125, O-200, & IO-240 Engines.
STCD Continental Kit
Fits C145, O300, GO300, & IO360A,C,D,G,H,J,K
STCD Continental Kit
Fits all O470, IO470, IO520, TSIO520, GTSIO520, & IO550 Engines.
STCD Continental Kit
Fits O470-11 & -15 Military Engines used on T34 & Cessna 305 Birddogs.
STCd Continental Kit
Fits E-165, E-185, E-205, E-225
STCD Continental Kit
Fits TIO360, IO520BA, C, M, TSIO520 B, D, E, J , K, L, N, U, BE, VB, WB, & IO550B, C Engines
STCd Continental Kit
Fits W-670 Radials(Stearman)
STCD Continental Kit
Fits W-670 Radials (Waco)
STCD Franklin Oil Filter Kit
Airwolf Bell 47 Kit AFC-K009; This kit comes with hoses.
Replacement Filter Standard Length (Champion oil filter) CH48108-1
Replacement Filter Long (Champion oil filter) CH48109
Replacement Oil Filter (Large Radials), AFC-700 08-07390


= Delivery in 1 day
= Delivery in 3-10 days
= Delivery in 9 days
= Unknown (3 weeks or more)
AFC-K007-F AIRWOLF LYC RLOC KT08-00038AFC-K007-F AIRWOLF LYC RLOC KT873.19 EURDelivery in 9 days
08-00039AFC-K015-B AIRWOLF KIT FOR P/W1402.92 EURplease call
08-00995AIRWOLF KIT FOR P&W STEARMAN1303.76 EURDelivery in 9 days
08-00996AIRWOLF KIT T6 HARVARD & SNJ1379.82 EURplease call
08-00997AIRWOLF KIT P/W DC-3/C-472643.10 EURplease call
08-00998AIRWOLF KIT P/W BEECH 18 STWG1576.44 EURplease call
08-00999AIRWOLF KIT P/W OTTER1716.00 EURplease call
08-01001AIRWOLF KIT P/W AG-CAT1340.29 EURplease call
08-01002AIRWOLF KIT P/W AT301/401/5011340.29 EURplease call
08-01003AIRWOLF KIT P/W THRUSH/S2D1340.29 EURplease call
08-01004AIRWOLF KIT P/W GRUMMAN GOOSE1564.05 EURplease call
AIRWOLF KIT FOR P&W R98508-07297AIRWOLF KIT FOR P&W R9851336.75 EURplease call
08-07298AIRWOLF KIT FOR R755 CURT/WRT632.12 EURplease call
08-07299AIRWOLF KIT FOR R1820 C/W T-28962.36 EURplease call
08-07300AIRWOLF KIT FOR R1820 C/W S-581491.45 EURplease call
08-07301AIRWOLF KIT FOR R1820 C/W DC-31491.45 EURplease call
08-07302AIRWOLF KIT FOR R1820 C/W GRUM1202.59 EURplease call
08-05605AFC-K001 AIRWOLF UNIV LYC KIT834.63 EURDelivery in 9 days
08-05635AFC-K005 AIRWOLF RMT AVIAT HSK1352.05 EURplease call
08-05630AFC-K006 AIRWOLF REMOTE SPR/CB1229.48 EURplease call
AIRWOLF UNIV LYC KT AFC-K007-A08-05660AIRWOLF UNIV LYC KT AFC-K007-A872.07 EURDelivery in 9 days
AIRWOLF LYC KIT AFC-K007-B08-05665AIRWOLF LYC KIT AFC-K007-B870.92 EURDelivery in 9 days
08-05670AFC-K007-C AIRWOLF 4 L IO-7201098.65 EURplease call
08-05675AIRWOLF UNIV CONT AFC-K008-A873.22 EURplease call
AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-B08-05680AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-B873.70 EURplease call
08-05685AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-C872.78 EURDelivery in 9 days
08-05690AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-D871.37 EURplease call
08-05700AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-E1119.67 EURplease call
08-05800AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-F1076.57 EURplease call
08-05805AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-G877.15 EURplease call
08-05810AIRWOLF CONT KIT AFC-K008-H873.51 EURplease call
08-05815AIRWOLF BELL 47 KIT AFC-K0092118.81 EURplease call
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