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Emerging Lifesaving presents the first ELT with an internal GPS that is approved for General Aviation use. Along with the new standard 406MHz emergency signal, Cospas/Sarsat satellites will read your current GPS position. In flight, the GPS unit automatically updates your present position every 15 seconds. Upon activation, a 5 watt signal bursts every 50 seconds to the Global Satellite System. Your location within 25 meters will then be transmitted to search and Rescue in less than one minute.

The ELT406GPS mounts like most standard ELT’s. The transmitter and the panel mounted remote switch/indicator can often utilize existing hardware and cutouts from your outdated unit. With the built-in GPS module, there is no need to install an expensive interface to an external GPS system. Maintenance is also easy with an owner/operator replaceable 5-year battery pack.

The ELT406GPS comes with both 406MHz broadcast and GPS passive antennae combined in a single sleek blade configuration for easy one-place installation.

Emerging Lifesavings Technologies is a collaborative effort between two long-time distinguished companies in the Aviation industry. The Synergy between Kelly Manufacturing maker of RC Allen Instruments and Sparrow Avionics Inc. manufacturer of Nulite Instrument Lighting Systems have produced the safest and most sustainable Emergency locating transmitter produced today. Both companies in their respective fields brought their expertise and identified each failure point of traditional ELT’s and found a way to make to make them more survivable. With over 100 years of combined aviation experience, the ELT406MHz will take you from Recovery to Rescue.

With American ingenuity and American Engineering, Emerging Lifesaving Technologies is committed to keeping all of their products “Made in America”.

Emerging Lifesaving Technologies and Aircraft Spruce have teamed up to bring a cost effective ELT with internal GPS to General Aviation. For the best value, get the ELT406GPS P/N 11-08053 exclusively from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company. 

Why is a 406 ELT with GPS so much better?

To locate a specific beacon the satellites, upon sensing a 406 activation, determines position by calculating differential Doppler shift. LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) satellites pass overhead and chart the position as it passes over the beacon. Cospas reports that a 1-3 nm (2-5 km) accuracy on average is determined this way. This makes the search area approximately 25 sq. nm (65 sq. km) or about 3700 acres large.

The time required to listen to the short message format and make this calculation using the initial detection of the orbiting satellites is about 45 minutes, maximum 90 minutes.

Subsequent satellite passes every 60 minutes will refine the position, with a maximum time of 90 minutes for each pass.

A 121.5 homing beacon is then used to narrow the search to within ¼ mile.

406 ELTs equipped with GPS send a long message formats that includes the Lat and Long within 4 sec of the location. This gives you an accurate position of better than 300 feet.

GPS position that is sent on the first burst or initial alert provides a near instantaneous accurate fix using the SARSAT geostationary satellites.

Each 406 beacon sent a specific ID combined with registration data and point of contact information. This allows for a potential near real-time immediate launch of SAR assets to your exact location. There is no need to wait for LEO to come around and check your position over and over to provide a manageable search area for SAR.

Emerging Lifesaving Technologies 406 ELT with GPS can be activated while still in the air and send accurate positional data every 50 seconds. This gives SAR the ability to calculate the course and speed. If for some reason the aircraft was to damaged to send information to SAR after the incident this could mean the difference between rescue and recovery.

Technical Specifications

406.037 MHz Monitored by
121.5 MHz
Output Power:
5W (440ms/50sec)
for 72 hours @-20C to +50C
GPS Cycle Time:
Every 15 Seconds
Accelerometer by 4.5ft./sec (2.3G)
or Manual Activation
5-year Lithium (LiMnO2)
Self Test:
406 Power Accelerometer Enabled
406 Intelligent Antenna TM Check
GPS Intelligent Antenna TM Check
Battery Power Monitor
Systems Operational Indicator
Remote Switch:
LED and Aural Indicator
Blade ( 600 KTS) E59-600
Additional Parts:
Coax Cable
Remote Switch
ELT Mounting Kit
Antenna Mounting Kit
ELT Transmitter 2.5lbs
Mounting Tray 0.3lbs
Total Weight 2.8lbs
7.715” LX 3.660”H X 4.200”
Download our Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual in PDF

= Available today
= Available in 3-10 days
= Available in 13 days
= Unknown (3 weeks or more)
E.L.T. 406 MOUNTING TRAY11-08153E.L.T. 406 MOUNTING TRAY77.92 EURplease call
E.L.T. 406 GPS MID SPEED ANT11-08155E.L.T. 406 GPS MID SPEED ANT396.41 EURplease call
E.L.T. 406 GPS HIGH SPEED ANT11-08156E.L.T. 406 GPS HIGH SPEED ANT1244.66 EURplease call
E.L.T. 406 ELT REMOTE SWITCH11-08164E.L.T. 406 ELT REMOTE SWITCH114.86 EURplease call
E.L.T. 6 406 COAX CABLE BNC11-08160E.L.T. 6 406 COAX CABLE BNC39.90 EURplease call
E.L.T. 406 ANTENNA INSTALL KIT11-08163E.L.T. 406 ANTENNA INSTALL KIT42.79 EURplease call
E.L.T. 406 ELT INSTALL KIT11-08162E.L.T. 406 ELT INSTALL KIT77.20 EURplease call
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