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Emergency Beacon Corporations ELTs are among the most popular on the market today due to their size, weight and convenience. These ELTs do not use lithium batteries, do not have external antennas and no AD notes have ever been issued on them. Internal antennas and test switches are included with the ELTs. Helicopter EBC ELTs are also available on request. EBC-102A is the smallest cabin mounted ELT available. Operating the toggle switch on top of the unit allows manual activation or pre-flight testing of the EBC-102A. The EBC-502 is fully approved by the FAA and FCC under TSO-C91a . It uses a 9V battery pack and comes complete with a handhold lanyard, mounting bracket, and batteries. It is easily installed and requires no external antenna or cabling. 

Note: EBC-102 portable ELT is manually operated only.

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ALKALINE BATTERY FOR EBC-50211-02577ALKALINE BATTERY FOR EBC-502160.18 EURDelivery in 12 days
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