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The Artex C406 series transmits on all 3 emergency frequencies (121.5/243.0 and 406.025 MHz.) The ELT automatically activates during a crash and transmits the standard swept tone on 121.5 and 243.0 MHz. The C406 also transmits a 406.025 MHz encoded digital message to the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite system, which allows for rapid identification and reduces search and rescue response time. The C406 has been tested to meet the rigorous requirements of TSO C126 including 500 G shock, 1000 pound crush as well as flame and vibration tests. The C406 is available for use with Artex's low cost whip antennas, rod antenna, or a blade antenna. The C406 also may be interfaced with the Artex ELT/NAV Interface which enables latitude and longitude data to be transmitted as part of the 406.025 MHz message. The C406 series is available as the C406-1, which uses a single coax cable to accommodate all three frequencies, or as the C406-2, which uses two coax cables to accommodate all three frequencies. The C406 series ELT is available for fixed wing and helicopter (HM) applications.

COSPAS/SARSAT, FAA TSO C126 and JTSO-2C126 Approved.

Download C406-1 Series Specification Sheet PDF
Download C406-2 Series Specifications Sheet PDF

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ARTEX C406-1 ELT KIT11-02984ARTEX C406-1 ELT KIT
Hazardous materials
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ARTEX C406-1 ELT INT KIT11-09320ARTEX C406-1 ELT INT KIT10096.29 EURplease call
ARTEX C406-2 ELT KIT11-02985ARTEX C406-2 ELT KIT
Hazardous materials
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