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General Familiarization manual for the Boeing 767 aircraft including both Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4 and GE-80C2 engines.

General Familiarization Manuals are study guides covering a general approach to each model aircraft. They are great tools for review, new hires, prerequisite training, and preparations for systems level classes. These manuals and courses can are an economical approach benefiting students, technicians, teachers, MRO training departments, and airlines maintenance departments alike.

Each manual covers an overview of that aircraft's mechanical systems including description and operation, controls and indications, component locations, and servicing. Aero Ed manuals and courses follow ATA 100 format and ATA 104 Level requirements. In addition to the manuals, AeroEd offers a complete and certificated self study GenFam course for the Boeing 767 aircraft. The self study course includes a personal on-line advisor, stage and final testing, a certificate of completion, and 48 FAA AMT Award credit hours. The course may be now in addition to the manuals or at a later time after the manual purchase for only the upgrade price.

This course is a tremendous value for student and seasoned A&Ps looking for their first job or to advance their careers. Having these prerequisite skills before the interview will guarantee that your resume gets on top of the pile. For repair stations and employers, self study is an economical method to prepare your trainees, considering both the cost of the program and for those who can't afford to take their AMTs out of the hangar and away from their jobs.

ATA 06 - general overview
ATA 21 - air conditioning, pressurization, cooling
ATA 24 - electrical power systems
ATA 26 - fire and smoke protection systems
ATA 27 - flight control systems
ATA 28 - fuel systems
ATA 29 - hydraulic systems
ATA 30 - de-icing and rain protection systems
ATA 31 - EICAS, warning, data recorder and instrument panel
ATA 32 - landing gear, wheels and brakes, steering
ATA 35 - crew and cabin oxygen
ATA 36 - pneumatic control systems
ATA 38 - water and waste systems
ATA 49 - auxiliary power systems
ATA 52 - passenger and cargo doors
ATA 71-80 - Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4 engine and systems
ATA 71-80 - General Electric GE80C2 engine and systems


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