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Charge Controller


Charge Controller

Morningstar's superior series switching provides many advantages compared to shunt controllers. Series regulation reduces FET heating and lowers voltage stress on the power FET's. A series configuration also improves protection against lightning surges and reduces switching noise. The series design improves charging accuracy. In PWM, series switching becomes self-correcting for temperature and system voltage drops.


  • Extremely high reliability
  • Full, continuous current ratings at 60° ambient temperatures
  • Advanced lightning and transient overvoltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • High quality surface-mount components
  • Series switching design for improved safety and protection
  • Outstanding PWM battery charge control
  • Confirmed increase in battery capacities and operating life
  • PWM Pulse charging for highest charge acceptance
  • Standard temperature compensation
  • Standard sealed / flooded battery select at the terminal
  • Accuracy to millivolt levels


  • Approved for use in hazardous locations: class 1, div 2, groups A-D
  • Built in a world class ISO 9002 certified facilility
  • Parts soldered to .0006 inch accuracy
  • Anodized case
  • Marine terminals
  • Custom potting material

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