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This modular Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS) was specifically designed to allow homebuilt and light sport aircrafts to finally incorporate the latest technology in glass cockpit into the perfect plane at an affordable price! 

It's uniqueness relies on the combination of all Primary Flight , Engine and Navigation monitoring functions into a fully integrated 10.4 inch Touch-Screen Computer. These Multi-Function Systems provides pilots with: 

Easy to Scan Touch-Screen Display, L1000c
Feel the power at your fingertips as you effortlessly navigate through your flying software of choice with just a tap of a finger. The EFIS 1831 is equipped with a 10.4" touch-screen LCD. Natural resolution of 800x600 pixels with LED backlight of 1000 nits for sunlight operation and a manual dim for night flying. External displays are also available.   

AHRS and Engine monitoring functions

Your choice of EFIS will depend on your AHRS of preference. AHRS-basic will provide you with only a primary flight display. If you would like to monitor your engine gauges, perhaps your choice of AHRS would be AHRS-G or even    AHRS - Gplus. You can always upgrade your AHRS system with an Engine POD module.

Flight Software System of choice
No pilot wants to get stuck in the air fumbling through an unfamiliar program. This Electronic Flight System allows you the flexibility to choose the navigation program you are most comfortable with, such as APIC, Voyager, Anywhere Map, just to name a few. Depending on the software of choice you can enjoy features such as Built-in Terrain, Airspaces, Weather reports, Winds, TFRs etc. If you decide not to purchase a navigation software, you can still enjoy all AHRS and Engine monitoring functions through the standard Levil-Primary Flight Display software (L-PFD).   

All our units are equipped with a global positioning system even if you decided not to purchase a navigation program. A GPS provides you with ground speed when using the standard Levil software and eliminates the hassle of having to install one if you decide to incorporate a navigation software later on.     

Windows XP Professional
Remember that this product not only serves as a flight instrument system but also as a personal computer! Enjoy all the extra features of Windows XP professional when you upload a digital copy of your checklists or even when you use Google Earth to see satellite images of your destination airport by adding Internet options to your EFIS!


  • Technical Specs: EFIS - 1831
  • Standard Display: 10.4"
  • CPU: Acrosser AR-B1831
  • Processor: Celeron-M (option of Pentium-M)
  • System Memory: DDR 200/266 SDRAM 500 MG
  • Memory Storage: 4 GB (option of 8-16 GB)
  • Ports: 6 USB, 4 COM ports

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EFIS 1831 BASIC NO ENG POD11-08166EFIS 1831 BASIC NO ENG POD3099.81 EURplease call
EFIS 1831 W/ ENGINE POD G11-08167EFIS 1831 W/ ENGINE POD G3348.87 EURplease call
EFIS 1831 G PLUS W/ ENGINE POD11-08168EFIS 1831 G PLUS W/ ENGINE POD3758.91 EURplease call
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