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VHF RADIO 118.0 TO 136.975 MHZ


VHF RADIO 118.0 TO 136.975 MHZ

FL-M1000A Air Band Land Radio installed in an Astron Base Station.

The FL-M1000A is an Air Band Land Mobile Radio designed for land vehicles, or base station use, not for Aircraft. The radio can be operated with Hand Microphone or Headset. You can choose audio output from External Speaker and/or Headphone. The radio has various built-in Scan functions.


  • Installs in any vehicle
  • Easy to read alpha/numeric display
  • Scanning
  • Usable in the 760 Channel VFO mode
  • Simple to program
  • Compatible with a standard Push-to-Talk Switch and Air Band Headset
  • Priority scanning
  • Multiple speakers, antennas, cables and programming options
  • Front panel control of external speaker

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FLIGHTLINE FL M1000A11-09189FLIGHTLINE FL M1000A742.40 EURDelivery in 7 days
FLIGHTLINE FL M1000AB BASE ST11-09190FLIGHTLINE FL M1000AB BASE ST1047.21 EURDelivery in 7 days
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