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AveoAir™ Ball Vents are machined from 2024 aluminum alloy, and these lightweight vents are anodized in your choice of 5 color finishes. Installation is simple with the 2-piece design, no screws are required as they are simple thread together to hold securely.

Only Aveo Vents come with a choice of 3 rear standard SCAT tube coupler diameters so you can optimize your air flow. Choose from 1.5", 1.75" or 2.0" diameters (38 mm, 44 mm, 50 mm).

= Delivery today
= Delivery in 3-10 days
= Delivery in 13 days
= Unknown (3 weeks or more)
AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVBLK-15005-04198AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVBLK-150155.17 EURDelivery in 13 days
05-04199AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVSLV-150153.85 EURDelivery in 13 days
05-04201AVEO BALL VENT GREEN 1.5"106.77 EURDelivery in 13 days
05-04202AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVBLU-15074.38 EURplease call
05-04203AVEO BALL VENT GOLD 1.5"107.10 EURDelivery in 13 days
05-04459AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVBLK-175156.28 EURDelivery in 13 days
05-04460AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVSLV-175156.37 EURplease call
05-04461AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVGRN-17576.68 EURplease call
05-04462AVEO BALL VENT BLUE 1.75"119.14 EURplease call
05-04463AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVGLD-17592.35 EURDelivery in 13 days
AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVBLK-20005-04464AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVBLK-200156.13 EURDelivery in 13 days
05-04465AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVSLV-200156.13 EURDelivery in 13 days
05-04466AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVGRN-20076.80 EURplease call
05-04467AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVBLU-20076.99 EURplease call
05-04468AVEO BALL VENT AVE-BVGLD-20076.68 EURplease call
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