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Aircraft Ducting "SCEET" type ducting has two plies of silicone rubber impregnated fiberglass similar to SCAT except wire between plies. Sold by the foot.

Features: Highly flexible and can be easily installed around obstructions and sharp bends. Has less friction loss than similar non-lined ducting.

Applications: Ideal for use in conducting extremely cold or hot air at temperatures ranging from -80°F to +550°F, and for conveying fumes. Not recommended for applications involving liquids or highly abrasive materials, or for negative pressure applications. 

Diameters not listed are available as a special order in full lengths only. Order CAT 2-3/4" diameter for Whisperflow air vents. Full factory lengths are 10 ft. on CAT and CEET and 12 ft. on SCAT & SCEET.

= Available today
= Available in 3-10 days
= Available in 12 days
= Unknown (3 weeks or more)
SCEET-2A DUCTING 5/8"05-30601SCEET-2A DUCTING 5/8"Oversize11.41 EURplease call
SCEET-3 DUCTING 3/4"05-30602SCEET-3 DUCTING 3/4"Oversize7.19 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-3A DUCTING 7/8"05-30603SCEET-3A DUCTING 7/8"8.50 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-4 DUCTING 1"05-30604SCEET-4 DUCTING 1"Oversize9.25 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-5 DUCTING 1 1/4"05-30605SCEET-5 DUCTING 1 1/4"Oversize12.90 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-6 DUCTING 1 1/2"05-30606SCEET-6 DUCTING 1 1/2"Oversize12.97 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-7 DUCTING 1 3/4"05-30607SCEET-7 DUCTING 1 3/4"Oversize14.24 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-8 DUCTING 2"05-30608SCEET-8 DUCTING 2"Oversize16.76 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-9 DUCTING 2 1/4"05-30609SCEET-9 DUCTING 2 1/4"Oversize18.51 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-10 DUCTING 2 1/2"05-30610SCEET-10 DUCTING 2 1/2"Oversize18.20 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-11 DUCTING 2 3/4"05-30611SCEET-11 DUCTING 2 3/4"Oversize23.11 EURDelivery today
SCEET-12 DUCTING 3"05-30612SCEET-12 DUCTING 3"Oversize22.46 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-13 DUCTING 3-1/4"05-30613SCEET-13 DUCTING 3-1/4"Oversize24.69 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-14 DUCTING 3 1/2"05-30614SCEET-14 DUCTING 3 1/2"Oversize26.81 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-15 DUCTING 3 3/405-30615SCEET-15 DUCTING 3 3/4Oversize29.24 EURplease call
SCEET-16 DUCTING 4"05-30616SCEET-16 DUCTING 4"Oversize29.29 EURDelivery today
SCEET-18 DUCTING 4 1/2"05-30618SCEET-18 DUCTING 4 1/2"Oversize31.30 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-20 DUCTING 5"05-30620SCEET-20 DUCTING 5"Oversize34.42 EURDelivery in 12 days
SCEET-24 DUCTING 6"05-30624SCEET-24 DUCTING 6"Oversize38.24 EURplease call
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