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Aircraft Ducting "CEET" type ducting has two plies of neoprene-impregnated fiberglass, similar to CAT except wire between plies. Sold by the foot.

Features: Fabric liner on the inside diameter of the ducting allows the air to flow smoothly even in tight bends. Thus, CEET has less air friction loss than ducting which is unlined.

Applications: For use in hot or cold air applications and for conveying fumes at temperatures ranging from -65°F to +350°F. Not recommended for conveying liquids or highly abrasive materials, or for negative pressure applications. 

Diameters not listed are available as a special order in full lengths only. Order CAT 2-3/4" diameter for Whisperflow air vents. Full factory lengths are 10 ft to 13 ft pieces on CAT, CEET, SCAT, & SCEET, except 5/8" id (PN 05-30501 is only 9ft).

= Available today
= Available in 3-10 days
= Available in 12 days
= Unknown (3 weeks or more)
05-30501CEET-2A DUCTING 5/8"Oversize12.05 EURDelivery in 12 days
CEET-3 DUCTING 3/4"05-30502CEET-3 DUCTING 3/4"Oversize7.07 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30503CEET-3A DUCTING 7/8"Oversize8.04 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30504CEET-4 DUCTING 1"Oversize8.05 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30505CEET-5 DUCTING 1 1/4"Oversize9.32 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30506CEET-6 DUCTING 1 1/2"Oversize10.59 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30507CEET-7 DUCTING 1 3/4"Oversize11.85 EURDelivery in 12 days
CEET-8 DUCTING 2"05-30508CEET-8 DUCTING 2"Oversize12.94 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30509CEET-9 DUCTING 2 1/4"Oversize14.39 EURDelivery in 12 days
CEET-10 DUCTING 2 1/2"05-30510CEET-10 DUCTING 2 1/2"Oversize14.46 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30511CEET-11 DUCTING 2 3/4"Oversize15.73 EURDelivery in 12 days
CEET-12 DUCTING 3"05-30512CEET-12 DUCTING 3"Oversize17.06 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30513CEET-13 DUCTING 3 1/4"Oversize17.55 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30514CEET-14 DUCTING 3 1/2"Oversize18.88 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30515CEET-15 DUCTING 3 3/4"Oversize18.41 EURplease call
CEET-16 4"05-30516CEET-16 4"Oversize20.22 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30518CEET-18 DUCTING 4 1/2"Oversize22.22 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30520CEET-20 DUCTING 5"Oversize24.75 EURDelivery in 12 days
05-30524CEET-24 DUCTING 6"Oversize26.25 EURDelivery in 12 days
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