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Okoume ( o-KUE-me), also known as Gaboon, is an African hardwood widely used in Europe over the past century. Light pinkish brown in color, sometimes lustrous with variable interlocking grain, the rotary cut panel can be painted or finished bright. The natural durability of this species is extremely low and care must be taken to finish all surfaces, face and edges. Often recommended for use with epoxy saturation systems, the panel exhibits high strength to weight ratios. Face veneers are made from 1.3mm thick A/B grade rotary cut veneer. Cores and crossbands are solid-joined and the panel is glued with waterproof glue. Okoume panels are extensively used by race class boat builders, rowing shell builders and many other applications. Where its lighter weight, good bending properties and ease of finishing are a value, the 5/32" thickness is used in One Design Kit aircraft and is applicable to a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft. Sold in 4 x 8 sheets only. Can be cut down for shipping. 

Thickness varies from 4.0mm to 6.0mm

Certified bs1088

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OKOUME PLYWOOD 4 X 8 X 4MM02-20100OKOUME PLYWOOD 4 X 8 X 4MMOversize161.14 EURDelivery in 13 days
OKOUME PLYWOOD 4 X 8 X 6MM02-00076OKOUME PLYWOOD 4 X 8 X 6MMOversize238.20 EURplease call
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