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The manufacturing Team associated with the Picker has been fabricating aircraft tugs and tow-bars nearly 25yrs.

At last, unconstrained, now the pilot has full control over the:
  • Fit - of the tail wheel between the pins, now any reasonable tail wheel size can be accommodated

  • Reach - to the tail wheel, all pins can now be moved in a forward or backward direction from the axle

  • Position - of the tail wheel on the tow-bar can be close to or away from the frame in a left or right direction

  • Twist-Out Issue – because now there are details that can be positioned to create a side to side nest to stop this from happening
The once unheard of options above can now be overcome and customized to your own “personal preferences” that we know you want and for a fair price. We have studied this type of tow-bar for many years. This tow-bar was designed with “Systemic-Modulation” design principles. In other words, the same unique system can handle small home builds from 500 lbs. up to a 4,300 pound 450hp Stearman. This expanded line of aircraft towing products are supported by pilots including the owner of this well-known 450hp Red Baron Lead Stearman pictured here.

You might be thinking it’s about time, and we’re thinking, it’s about you.


  • Contacts tire
  • 1,000 + Lbs capacity per wheel
  • Beautiful yellow hi-gloss powder coat finish
  • Corrosion Resistant mfg., (CRES)
  • Old & Worn tires now fit perfectly again every time
  • (-1) & (-2) Handlebars are “interchangeable”
  • Soft comfort heat & cold resistant grips feel good to hold
  • You will get your “best-fit” every time for the reach, width & diameter of your tail wheel
  • No visible protruding hardware that could damage aft flight control surfaces
  • (-2) comes standard with ergonomic handlebars designed to the comfort of your wrist
  • Fits the popular RV tail dragger’s, with no additional purchased parts, accessories, adapters or hardware
  • Simple to use as usual, just push handlebar down and Pivot the “Picker Pins” over to capture the tire
  • In a nut shell, these Picker’s fit a J3-Cub thru 450 Stearman or any tire up to 3.5 inches wide
  • Long Lasting, Premium Quality, 2-Wheel Tow System
  • Designed by an aerospace product & tool engineer and former tail dragger pilot


Welcome to the “PICKER” tug and towbar company. We hope you enjoy our new line of towbars for general aviation. These tools should provide you with years of usefulness and satisfaction. The “PICKER” product line will continuously grow by slowly adding new models to our fleet along the way. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy building them for you.

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