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Liqui Moly SpeedWax


Part number: LM-5905
Liqui Moly SpeedWax from Liqui Moly
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Hazardous materials

Hazardous Materials!


High-tech surface care for the aviation sector providing excellent cleaning properties and outstanding shine. Deposits of AVGAS, MOGAS, JETFUEL and Smoke Oil are easier to remove due to the sealing protection and without scratching the surface. Due to its super-light polishing action, this product leaves a smooth surface on all types of paint and color finishes with a superb shine and real depth of color. The protective layer left behind smooths out scratches and preserves the paint from the weather.

Please note:Do not spray onto hot surfaces and do not use in blazing sunshine. Do not use on polycarbonate plastics or acrylic glass.

  • simple to use
  • evens out light scratches
  • silicone-free
  • Tested for UV at altitude

Available Pack Sizes:
  • 400 ml Can aerosol

Technical data
  • Density: 0,78 g/ml
  • Base: waxes, silicones
  • Form: liquid, aerosol
  • Flash point: n.a. ºC
  • Solubility: mixable
  • pH value: 8 - 9
  • Color / appearance: white
  • Odor: characteristic

Areas Of Application:

A Cessna or Piper Echo aircraft can be cleaned, cleared of insects and sealed in less than 10 minutes. Produces a glossy shine and protects against weathering, even on aircraft parked on the apron. Specially formulated for the needs of general aviation.


Surfaces which are heavily contaminated must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before treatment. Shake product vigorously before use. Apply thinly and uniformly onto the paint surfaces. Only treat one section at a time. After allowing to air for a short time, clean surfaces with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth, polishing at the same time. If necessary, use a dry cloth to give it a final shine.

Cellulose and paper towels are not suitable for polishing or re-polishing.

Our information is based on thorough research and may be considered reliable, although not legally binding.

Weight0.500 kg
ManufacturerLiqui Moly
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