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Hazardous materials

Hazardous Materials!


The KANNAD Company specializes in the design of positioning, measuring and data transmission systems for remote environments. The company relies on a name, KANNAD, which is well established within France and international markets, KANNAD is also well known for its COSPAS SARSAT distress beacon brand which has been manufactured for over 20 years.

KANNAD is one of the world leaders in the field of maritime, aeronautical and land-based distress beacons. Certified worldwide, TSO and JTSO, the Kannad ELT is easy to install wherever you operate and wherever the aircraft is flying during its life. The Kannad ELTs are OEM by a number of prime aircraft manufacturers of fixed or rotary wings and deliver value for the retrofit market by easy installation, easy programming and fleet management capability.

The Compact is the smallest and lightest ELT combined into an “all in one” kit with all installation supplies and required instructions. It is designed for all light aircraft requiring a very compact automatic fixed ELT that is fully FAA TSO-C126 approved. The robust and reliable shock sensor will automatically activate the ELT in the event of a crash, the pilot can also manually activate the ELT in case of emergency.

Download Specification in PDF


  • Ultra small size and light weight ideal for any general aviation aircraft.
  • Six year lithium manganese battery. Whip (ANT200) or Rod (ANT300) ELT antennas sold separately
  • Complete kit with install manual..
  • Two frequency transmitter (121.5 / 406 MHz)
  • Weight ( Including batteries): 1.87 lbs (850 g) / max 1.92 lbs (875 g)
Weight2.268 kg
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