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Dynon D3 Pocket Panel Portable Efis


Part number: 10-06727
Dynon D3 Pocket Panel Portable Efis from Dynon Avionics
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Meet the latest edition of Dynon's popular portable EFIS line - the D3 Pocket Panel. Featuring improved brightness, a new intuitive touchscreen interface, new synthetic vision display, and an even lower price point, the D3 is the most advanced portable safety device Dynon has ever made.

D3 lets pilots supplement their unreliable legacy instrumentation with an affordable, portable electronic attitude indicator that works. The D3 features the same reliable, proven AHRS engine from Dynon’s best-selling panel-mounted products for experimental, light sport, and type certificated aircraft.

The D3 comes with a complete set of accessories, including home and airplane chargers, an optional external GPS antenna, and two unique mounting options. Both the included cockpit mounting options require no tools, allowing the D3 to be deployed in any aircraft with no FAA approval. The first mount included is a RAM® suction cup mount. The second is a 3-1/8" portable "pinch" mount that allows the D3 to be easily mounted in an empty existing instrument panel hole without any fasteners.

The D3 Pocket Panel is a portable situational awareness device, allowing pilots to add a modern, affordable backup safety device to supplement their often unreliable legacy certified instrumentation. The D3 comes with two portable mounting options, no tools required. Because it does not require modification to the aircraft's design, no regulatory approval is required to use a D3 Pocket Panel in any aircraft. The first mount included is a RAM® suction cup mount. The second is a 3-1/8" portable "pinch" mount that allows the D3 to be easily mounted in an empty existing instrument panel hole without any fasteners.ted in an empty existing instrument panel hole without any fasteners.

True EFIS Attitude in a Portable Package

  • Proven Dynon MEMS-based attitude sensors
  • Accurate pitch and roll: A true artificial horizon

Portable Mounting Options Included, Suction Cup or Clip Mount

  • No installation costs!
  • Versatile portable mounts: RAM suction mount and 3-1/8" panel hole "pinch" mount both included
  • Internal Li-Ion battery for hours of portable use
  • DC and AC power adaptors included
  • Truly pocket sized, approx. 3-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 1"

Dynon D3 Pocket EFIS - G-Meter

  • Second page displays current load factor
  • Records minimum and maximum Gs since last pilot reset

True Attitude plus GPS Flight Data

  • GPS ground speed and track (heading)
  • GPS altitude and vertical speed
  • Turn rate
  • Slip/skid ball
  • Dimmable screen for night flight

Dynon Avionics D3 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS Features:

  • NEW - Synthetic Vision
  • NEW - Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • NEW - Improved Brightness for Superior Sunlight Readability
  • Accurate Pitch and Roll: A True Artificial Horizon
  • Proven Dynon Attitude Sensing Engine
  • Internal Li-lon Battery for Extended Cord-Free Use
  • Two Versatile Mounts Included
  • GPS Ground Speed
  • GPS Ground Track
  • GPS Altitude and Vertical Speed
  • Turn Rate
  • Slip/Skid Ball
  • G-Meter Page with Min and Max Indications
  • Adjustable Brightness for Night Flight
  • Truly pocket sized: Approximately 3-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 1"

In The Box:

  • AC Wall Charger
  • DC Vehicle Charger
  • Charging Cable
  • Mounting Cradles (two included)
  • RAM® Portable Suction Cup Mount
  • Portable "Pinch" Mount for Standard 3-1/8" Instrument Hole
  • External GPS Antenna (not required in many cockpits)


Can the Dynon D3 pocket panel be permanently wired in? Can the D3 be flush mounted?
This unit operates on 5v power, and the cigarette power cord is included in the box. There is a 3-1/8" portable "pinch" mount that allows the D3 to be easily mounted in an empty existing instrument panel hole without any fasteners.

Regarding the Dynon D3 pocket panel portable EFIS: 1. When fully charged, how long is the internal battery supposed to last before having to reconnect to a power source?
2. In the product picture it appears that there's a 12v plug that has 2 USB ports for plug ins? Am I seeing that correctly?

Looks like a great unit with excellent color graphics on the screen.
The unit comes with a cigarette charger and wall charger in order to charge the unit's battery. The battery can last up to and exceed 8 hours on a single charge, but this can vary greatly depending on your usage of the unit.

Can the Dynon D3 pocket panel be used in a 1966 Cherokee 140?
The Dynon D3 is a portable product, and it does not hold an FAA TSO. However, it can be used in certified aircraft application but does not replace any primary or panel mounted instruments.

Is SynVis supported outside the US on the Dynon D3 portable EFIS? Is it a subscription-based data product, and if so, what is the cost?
Per the manufacturer, this will work outside the US as the D1 and D2 did. The subscriptions are for the databases and can be downloaded through the manufacturer.

Does the Dynon D3 EFIS have an internal data base for the synthetic image of the terrain for South America?
The synthetic vision is drawn based on a world-wide elevation database stored in the device. It does not include features such as airports.

Can the G-meter red and yellow ranges be adjusted? Let's say my airplane is rated to Plus 6g's and minus 5 g's. Is there a setting to change the display on the Dynon D3?
Yes. The caution (yellow) and warning (red) ranges are selectable from the settings menu in 0.1 G steps.

Is there a possibility to display the magnetic heading on the Dynon D3?
Per Dynon: the D3 can not display magnetic heading.

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ManufacturerDynon Avionics
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