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This is not your typical "Cook Book" approach to learning the GNS430/530W. The manual contains 62 pages of text and dozens of colored pictures, the same pictures you would see in real-life when operating the unit.

The GNS430/530W manual was written by Keith Thomassen who was the first in aviation to set up formal training classes for the products. Keith has hundreds of hours teaching the GNS 430/530 in a classroom environment and navigates his aircraft with a GNS430, no one knows the Garmins better.

The manual not only explains "How" to accomplish a task but answers the "Why" also. The dozens of colored pictures in the book are exact pictures you could experience with your Garmin navigator; after all, the GPS is color, thus Keith's training guide is in color! If you're really pining to learn your GNS430/530W, this manual is the correct way. The differences between the 430W and 530W are spelled out in the manual. 

FREE TECH SUPPORT. OK, you've read the book but there's something you just don't understand or if an anomaly occurs during the flight, what is one to do? Once you've purchased the manual, you're entitled to FREE Operational Tech Support! Each manual has a serial number, just send them an email (email address supplied with the manual) and the serial number of your manual and they will promptly answer Any and ALL operational tech questions Free of charge. What more could you ask for? The best GNS430/530W training manual in the business that contains 62 pages and dozens of colored screen shots written by a person who has trained hundreds of pilots on the 400/500 series from the day the units were available on the market AND throw on top of that Unlimited Operational Free Tech Support via email. Friends, that's as good as it gets, I don't know of any other training material seller that has the expertise that we possess on this product! I do know none offer Free Tech Support. Never has so much cost so little.

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