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Miracle Air


Miracle Air

The Miracle Air Whip will probably be the best performing, easiest to install, longest-lasting and least expensive airband antenna you ever own.

Ultralights pose unique challenges for Air Band antennas. Fabric fuselages mean no ready ground-planes, unfiltered electrical systems mean lots of spikey noise, and available mountings and vibration pose mechanical constraints. Miracle Air Whip is a radical solution to these challenges.

Installation of the Air Whip is a snap. It is designed to be attached to the inside of the fiberglass nose - you can use hot glue, silicone, duct tape or even non-metallic cable clamps, and make sure it's not going to shake loose in flight. As you see in the picture below, this leaves the connector for your radio poised right where you want it.
Most ordinary whips won't ever work right unless they are properly tuned at installation with some very expensive equipment. Almost no one does this, and that's where a lot of the complaints of poor performance arise. The Miracle Air Whip is a full half-wave dipole-this allows it to be pre-tuned for maximum radiation at manufacture-it operates completely independent of ground planes or wires. This ground plane independence can even help eliminate ground-loop induced noise in your coax feed. You get much more effective radiation, less shadowing from the airframe, and an extended freq. response curve that permits good operations from VOR right up to the top of the Comm band.


  • Installs in the nose of your Challenger or similar aircraft in minutes
  • Groundplane free - a full half-wave dipole so it doesn't need any ground plane or wires
  • Pre-tuned for the highest effective radiated power from your transceiver
  • Mainly omni-directional pattern with slight bias towards your heading
  • Extended frequency response compared to most whips
  • Highest quality mil-spec connectors, cable and other materials

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